South Park Full Loop

One of my first attempts to string all of the known trails that circle Corrigan Drive into a single ride. I’ve always known that this was possible, but could never fathom the best way to do it. The issue is the monstrous “Lost Springs” climb, which toward the end of a ride seems terribly daunting. So the answer is to do it backwards! Come up the back side of the kill, that I would normally descend. And do it early in the ride, this time, I did it first. Worked out pretty well!

Left to try is to add in the grueling trail that connects the Fair Grounds to the Montour Trail section, and make it all one fluid ride from my house to the South Park loops.  Also, need to figure out a way to the BMX track via back trails.  I haven’t found that yet.

2700 Calories burned, 10.5 miles, 1 OTB (yea baby!), 1 hellacious leg cramp (I got better)

GPSies - 08/08/2010 South Park Full LoopClick to see the full track

Also, since there are no accompanying pictures. Here are some macro shots I took at the zoo recently.






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Quick After Work Ride in South Park. 8/3/2010

Just a quick ride, so just a quick post.  Kept a very good pace, but my average MPH didn’t seem to go up…  Oh well.

Also, I noticed that my GPS tracks have been collectively viewed about 4000 times, and downloaded dozens of times.  Which is a surprise, I was pretty sure no one cared about them but me.  Hopefully people find good use for them!

1800 calories, about 9 miles, 0 otb

GPSies - South Park Ride 08/03/2010Click here to download the whole GPS track

And here’s the evidence that MUD was encountered.  Not too bad, eh?

Ride 8_3_2010

Yeah baby

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July 4, 2010 — South Park FAIL

Safety culture ruins something good, again…

So can someone tell me why South Park would erect a guard rail along McConkey Road, that cuts off part of a trail?  Not just part of a trail, but 1500 to 2000 feet of the funnest most technical trail in South Park?  One that people have improved with wooden walking bridges?  It’s impossible to say that it’s a section of trail that’s abandoned.  It’s in heavy use.  The decision making seems inconceivable to me.  I’ve seen guard rails that leave space for crosswalks, and whatnot.  I wonder why the decision was made to bisect the trail and cause hikers and bikers and horses to go around.

Also, in the interest of literature, I will repost the magnum opus to teenage emo pain that was left trail side.  Clearly author is penning the emo Odyssey of our generation.  So emo Blink 182 cried.  It’s still out there if someone wants to claim it.

Stats: 7 miles, 1500 calories, 0 OTB, 20# of air in the tires (too low!)

GPSies - South Park Ride 07/04/2010Click here to download the GPS track


Nice guard rail South Park


Found Roadside, next James Joyce masterpiece

“wow, what a great conversation
your [sic] silent
I’m bored & we’ve been here before.
What does it take to get thru [sic] to you.
What does it take
for me to listen
I can’t be okay
until you make it that way
So I want longer
than expected.
It was expected.
I guess I should stop
expecting anything
from you.
But just when I do.
you prove me wrong

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Back in the saddle – 4/30 – 7.5 miles.

Ridden a few times this summer, but this was the first serious ride where I did some of the aggressive (lol) climbs and fast descents. Found a new path down from the wave pool over to the buffalo pen. Despite my best efforts, I did not wipe out at all.  Still waiting for that first bone crushing wreck of the season.  Knock on wood, but the Gary Fisher is almost a year old, has taken some serious abuse and has laughed at everything I throw at it.  So hooray for superior construction!

Statistics: 7.5 miles, 1800 calories, 0 times over the bars

Click here for the full GPSies entry

Note: GPSies lets you embed your GPS tracks into web pages, share your statistics, and download my GPS tracks and view them in Google Earth, or import them into your own GPS and follow me around.  Download my track, test out my ride, tell me if I’m a big baby!



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