South Park Three Quarter Loop

Quick Ride in the muck and cool air. Found some friends who helped me out!





Over the Bar: 0 times
Miles:  about 10

GPSies - 08/11/2012 South Park Three Quarter LoopClick for the full GPS track and stats.

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South Park SUPER LOOP, with added Model Airplane Section!

Full loop of South Park (as I know it), with an added section to run up and back down the hill that contains the model airplane landing strip.

Fall foliage color changes are in full swing in South Park, and the surfaces are a little slippery as the leaves retain some of the moisture.  It also traps a lot of the water in places that normally gather water, so mud pits stay muddier longer.  Also, 45 to 55 degrees is perfect riding weather.  You warm up just enough that you never sweat heavy.

Until DISASTER STRIKES!!!  What’s that regular clinking sound?  Oh only a few broken spokes on the rear wheel.  Nothing to worry about, right?

12 miles — 2700 Calories — 0 OTB


GPSies - South Park Full Loop w/ Airstrip Section10/10/10Click here to download this GPS Track



Covered Trailhead


Run Away!


Riding into the morning sun.


Tough Climb To The Airstrip


Someone wants to play



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Pennsylvania Large Fauna — South Park 8/16/10

Not too often I’ll come across interesting beasts in the woods.  A hawk, some squirrels, a fat couple humping (it’s true)…  Thankfully all it was this time was a semi-disinterested deer.  I rolled to a stop about 5 feet away from him.  He’s a big 8 point, with antlers still velvet. He had stalked another 2 feet away before I was able to get the camera out, then he showed me his butt.  Thanks a million.

1930 Calories — 8.5 miles — 0 OTB

GPSies - South Park three quarter loop -- 08/16/2010Download the full track here.


I'm just here to read the meter!


Here is my butt.

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South Park Full Loop (improved) – 8/14/2010

Second time attempting this loop and this time I added in the super technical section at the end instead of avoiding it this time.  Every time I ride this section, something on the bike breaks, and this wasn’t any exception.

Last time I attempted this loop, about 7 miles in I hit a wall so hard I had to curl into the fetal position for about 20 minutes.  This time, I did the whole loop strong, only taking a single break at about the mid-point.

Last time I road the Rockhopper,  I managed to shear the rear derailleur and hanger off the back of the bike using a trail the runs along the top of a wall.  When you slip into a spillway, well bad things are bound to happen.  I haven’t used that trail since, but I’ve been missing out because it’s a ridiculously fun little ride.  Some pictures of it are below.

This loop has about 1000′ of climbing.

10.5 miles — 2730 calories — 1 OTB

GPSies - 08/14/2010 South Park Full Loop (improved)Click to see full track


This trail will swallow your soul.


Looks harmless, right?

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