Into the Heart of Darkness

Wasn’t as bad as all that. What began as a 14 mile paddle fizzled after 5.5 and dwindling light/energy.


Nuclear Wessels


Blue Heron


Progress is slow


Ten Mile Foliage


I Saw A Fish...maybe.


One of Many Hikes Around Shallow Water


Open Pools


Big Rock


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Times in the drink: 0
Fish found: 1..maybe
Amount of water taken on: gallons

GPSies - Kayak Trip Down 10 Mile (Duration: 04:51:50 )Link to full GPS Track

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South Park Full Loop

One of my first attempts to string all of the known trails that circle Corrigan Drive into a single ride. I’ve always known that this was possible, but could never fathom the best way to do it. The issue is the monstrous “Lost Springs” climb, which toward the end of a ride seems terribly daunting. So the answer is to do it backwards! Come up the back side of the kill, that I would normally descend. And do it early in the ride, this time, I did it first. Worked out pretty well!

Left to try is to add in the grueling trail that connects the Fair Grounds to the Montour Trail section, and make it all one fluid ride from my house to the South Park loops.  Also, need to figure out a way to the BMX track via back trails.  I haven’t found that yet.

2700 Calories burned, 10.5 miles, 1 OTB (yea baby!), 1 hellacious leg cramp (I got better)

GPSies - 08/08/2010 South Park Full LoopClick to see the full track

Also, since there are no accompanying pictures. Here are some macro shots I took at the zoo recently.






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$14 Steadycam The Poor Mans Steadicam

$14 Steadycam The Poor Mans Steadicam.

Build a handheld steady cam for about $14 in plumbing parts.  Prosumer and professional ones can run from $500 to $1500.  Parts list included.

I’ll be building one of these in the near future.  I may end up making a bit more user friendly…

What a steady cam may look like
What a steady cam may look like

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