DIY Xterra Interior Bike Rack

Nissan's Interior Bike Rack

When I bought the Nissan Xterra heavily advertised is a neat little item: an interior bike rack. It mounts into the rails in the back and has a quick release skewer that mounted the front fork.

Big problem: no one bought them.  Nissan had only 4 of them in their inventory nationwide, and the total cost to get one to Pittsburgh was about $450. Fuck that.

So instead, I made a simple one out of Thule and Yakima parts (pics below). Here is how:

With the exception of the hardware, I got all parts from eBay.  You’ll need a saw of some sort with a metal blade (I used a Sawzall), and a drill with a 3/4″ bit to drill 2 holes per bike mount.

The process was simple…

Get a pair of 50″ Thule square crossbars and cut to fit the interior.  I believe I my final length was 46″.

Then using a Yakima Blockhead as a template, drill two 3/4″ holes in the crossbar.  Line the holes up where you’d like the bike to sit in the truck.  The car is wide enough to accommodate two, possibly 3 bikes depending on how you space them. Best bet it to put one behind the drivers seat and one behind the front passenger.

Once the holes are drilled, mount the Blockhead to your crossbar with 3/4″ bolts.

Thread two 6mm x 50mm bolts through the bolt holes of 2 Yakima 4H mounts.  The ends of these bolts will thread into the metal track bolt that came with your rear net mounts.

Thread the large holes of the 4H mounts of your cross bar, insert the track bolts into the tracks in the rear of the car, then tighten them down.  Viola, you’ve got an interior bike rack.  Remove your front wheel from the front fork, and latch your front fork into the Yakima quick release.



 Parts List and Approximate Costs

Part New Used Link
Yakima Blockhead (9mm Skewer, nonlocking) $30 $20 to $30  Link
Yakima 4H Mounts $35 for 4 $20 for 4  Ebay
50″ Thule Square Crossbars $80/pair $20/pair  Ebay
2  6mm x 50mm bolts $2
4 3/4″ x 2″ nylon bolts/nuts $2
Total $150  $64



Bike Rack1

Interior Rack



Skewer & Fork

Interior Rack

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