Second Real Ride of the Season

Second real ride, managed not to embarrass myself in front of the folks play cricket, which is always a plus. On the lookout for wildlife to take pictures of, but the best I could come up with was a squirrel, who was very wary of being a photography subject.

Ride Sequence:
VIP Loop (warm up)
Catfish Run
Gauntlet Loop
Panic House Loop
Gauntlet Loop (again because it’s fun)
Technical Section

OTB: 1
Squirrels Terrorized: 1
Total Climb: 1250′

GPSies - 05/19/2012 (Duration: 02:01:21 )Click here for full stats and GPS Track


Squirrel isn't real sure



Getting ready to bail






Catfish Run (stink creek)



Catfist Run (stink Creek)

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