South Park SUPER LOOP, with added Model Airplane Section!

Full loop of South Park (as I know it), with an added section to run up and back down the hill that contains the model airplane landing strip.

Fall foliage color changes are in full swing in South Park, and the surfaces are a little slippery as the leaves retain some of the moisture.  It also traps a lot of the water in places that normally gather water, so mud pits stay muddier longer.  Also, 45 to 55 degrees is perfect riding weather.  You warm up just enough that you never sweat heavy.

Until DISASTER STRIKES!!!  What’s that regular clinking sound?  Oh only a few broken spokes on the rear wheel.  Nothing to worry about, right?

12 miles — 2700 Calories — 0 OTB


GPSies - South Park Full Loop w/ Airstrip Section10/10/10Click here to download this GPS Track



Covered Trailhead


Run Away!


Riding into the morning sun.


Tough Climb To The Airstrip


Someone wants to play



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Why don’t more people ride Mingo?

I think I’ve said this before, but I can’t fathom why more people don’t ride Mingo Creek Park, in Washington PA.  I realize it doesn’t have the mileage of Bavington or LOL LOG PILES!!1 of North Park. What you’ve got is a ride through several different sets of conditions.  Each one is a little but more fun then the one you’ve just cut across.

You’ve got grueling steep climbs up unforgiving rocky horse paths.  You’ve got fast and loop descents with plenty of roots to put you on your ass.  I’ve got hidden single track through overgrown glades of tall grass.

You encounter groomed trails, overgrown single trail, soft surface pine groves, surprise mud bogs and creek crossings.  Each time I ride this park I end up liking it just a little bit more.
7.75 miles — 0 otb — 2000 calories

GPSies - Mingo Creek 09/05/2010See the full track statistics here



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Two rides, 8/29/10 and 8/30/10, South Park loops

Chain failed on the first climb of Sunday, and I never got to complete my full loops!

2700 calories – 0 OTB – 10 miles
GPSies - South Park, Disaster loop -- 08/29/2010full track here

Ride tonight to make up for the lost milage on Sunday!

1200 calories – 0 otb – 6.5 miles

GPSies - 08/31/2010 - South Park Half LoopFull Track Here

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South Park Full Loop SUPER IMPROVED – 8/22/2010

Another version of the South Park full loop,  my favorite one yet because it includes two paths through The Gauntlet dips, and I was able to incorporate the Panic House loop into this ride.  It was actually quite easy, the panic house is actually only a lefthand turn off of a route I normally take, so it was no issue at all.

This ride was super slick from the rain the previous day.  All the roots and logs were like trying to ride on ice.  Over the bars once on the back side of the buffalo pen when I came in offline a little bit and slid into a root pocket.  Redded up my knee real nice.

Also, thank you to whoever is cutting the fallen tree next to Catfish Run Creek.  That tree has cut off basically what is one of the funnest little sections of trails in the park to bike.  I’m sure the horse crowd will appreciate it as well, as I’m sure the horses can’t get through either.

2425 Calories — 11 miles — 1 Glorious OTB

GPSies - 08/22/2010 South Park Full Loop -- SUPER IMPROVED!Click to download the GPS track


Rub Dirt in it.


Follow the trail to fun

A big THANK YOU to whoever did this.  This tree has been a pain in the ass all year.


Thank you!

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